Pelvic Floor Therapy

Pelvic floor rehabilitation is a sub-specialty of orthopedic physical therapy that involves in treating the pelvic floor muscles to either strengthen them if weak, or facilitate relaxation if hypertonic. The pelvic floor muscles which are similar to the other muscles in your body that move your arms or legs extend from the pubis in the front to the tail bone at the back.. These muscles can get affected singularly or may occur as a result of dysfunction in your low back, hip or the abdomen.


 Dysfunctions of the pelvic floor muscles


  1. Muscle weakness: The pelvic floor muscles sit like a hammock at the base of the pelvic ring. Adequate strength and endurance of these muscles allow them to support the abdominal organs. However, when the muscles get weak, it can lead to urine leakage and/or organ prolapse.
  2. Muscle hypertonicity: The pelvic floor muscles may demonstrate increased tone thereby leading to pain and spasm. This could stem from trigger points in the hip musculature, joint dysfunction in and around the pelvis as well as abdominal scarring.
  3. Coordination deficits: this is more of neuromuscular problem with deficits in the recruitment and timing of muscles contraction. This can lead to stress incontinence and/or constipation.





Many cases of pelvic floor problems occur due to strength, endurance and coordination deficit of these muscles. Proper instruction to train the fast twitch and slow twitch muscle contraction to address the above deficits will likely resolve issues such as incontinence, pain and discomfort. Equally important would be to also to screen and address the surrounding joints for muscle imbalance and joint mobility issues for comprehensive care.

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