Neurological rehabilitation involves treatment and management of patients with movement disorders resulting from injury or disease process of the nervous system. Down below are some of the conditions we deal with.
  1. Stroke: Sometimes known as cerebrovascular accident, stroke occurs from a blockage of blood to the brain or from hemorrhage. Within a few minutes to hours brain cell death occurs causing impairment accordingly. Some of the problems noted are :
    • muscle weakness
    •  spasticity
    • coordination deficits and sensory loss
    • loss of balance and difficulty walking
    • Decreased awareness & neglect of one side of the body
  1. Parkinson’s disease: Sometimes called the ‘punch-drunk’ syndrome, this is a progressive disease characterized by degeneration of the nervous system, mainly involving the basal ganglia. It is considered to be on the rise in the older population and has tremendously increased the burden of care as in stroke.
Some of the problems noted are:
  • muscle rigidity
  • coordination deficits
  • increased fall risks
  • flexed posture
  • osteoporosis
3. Multiple Sclerosis: this is progressive disease affecting the brain and the spinal cord, wherein the nerve cells lose their myelin sheath causing nerve conduction impairment. Some of the symptoms experienced are :
  • Pain, numbness and tingling
  • Muscle wasting and weakness
  • Vision problems
  • Walking and balance difficulty
  • Fatigue
Here at the clinic, we help patients learn fall-recovery, improve strength and conditioning, improve cardiovascular endurance, facilitate gait and functional mobility to enhance your quality of life.