Physical Therapy Services

Physical Therapy shoulder exercises performed by patient for shoulder pain

Orthopedic Physical Therapy

  • One on one personalized care
  • Excellent manual therapy

  • Progressive dosing of exercises                                                      

Physical Therapy, Indianapolis. Thoracic mobilization performed on athlete as part of sports therapy

Sports Physical Therapy

  • Individualized care
  • Sport specific muscle training
  • Excellent strength & conditioning
Patient is performing stair training as part of post-op knee replacement

Geriatric Physical Therapy

  • One on one care
  • Improved balance & coordination
  • Improved cardiovascular endurance
patient is happy after her pelvic floor physical therapy program

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

  • One on one care
  • Detailed assessment of the lumbopelvic complex
  • Target training of the pelvic floor muscles    
Physical Therapist treating patient for dizziness.

Vestibular Physical Therapy

  • One on one care
  • Improved balance and walking
  • No more spinning sensation
Patient is performing arm exercises as part of stroke rehab.

Neurologic Physical Therapy

  • One on one care
  • Improved movement patterns
  • Improved muscle memory

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  • Our Strong Commitment And Dedication To Providing The Care You Deserve
  • We Will Treat You The Way As We Would Want To Be Treated
  • Providing One-On-One Care – Same Therapist Always
  • We Use The Biomechanical Model Of Assessment And Treatment For Faster Recovery
  • We Hope To Build Good Therapeutic Alliance And Thank You For Your Trust

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