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Are you in pain? Is something preventing you from doing what you like to do? If you are looking for professional physical therapy services and searching for the ‘best physical therapy clinic near me’, then you have come to the right place. As your physical therapist, I am here to help make your rehab experience SEE–Simple, Effective and Efficient. We pride ourselves in providing the best physical therapy care to the residents of south Indianapolis and Greenwood areas.

  • Licensed and Registered
  • Fellowship Trained
  • Seasoned Therapist
  • One-on-One care from start to finish with the same therapist
  • No referral needed for physical therapy services

Movement is better than medicine, so let’s refine your movement!

Physical Therapy Services

Patient is performing shoulder exercises for shoulder pain

Orthopedic Physical Therapy

I treat pain related to the neck, low back, shoulder, hip, knee and foot & ankle joints. Live pain-free! Read More

Patient is being trained in stair climbing by his geriatric physical therapist

Geriatric Physical Therapy

Improving your strength, posture, balance and walking better can enhance your quality of life. Up for healthy ageing?

PT performing thoracic mobilization on Tennis player

Sports Physical Therapy

From injury prevention to return to sport, let me guide you through. Are you game? I am ready!

Patient is exercising her arm as part of neurologic rehab following stroke

Neurologic Physical Therapy

Let me help you refine your movement pattern. Move better !

PT treating patient with dizziness as part of vestibular rehab

Vestibular Therapy

Is getting in and out of bed or tying your shoe lace causing the room to spin around you? Let me help!

Person celebrating after meeting her goals with pelvic floor physical therapy

Pelvic Floor Rehab

Does it make you think twice before you can laugh or sneeze or having to travel? Leakage can be embarrassing. Read more.

“Victor is very professional and very kind. He takes his time to find your problems and works hard to make a plan to help your needs. Victor also provides a clean and safe environment to help meet the needs of his patients. I would highly recommend Victor PT.”

Nicole M


Welcome to my clinic. We are located conveniently on the south side of Indianapolis on Madison Avenue and stop 12 with ample parking available in a quiet neighborhood that makes it conducive for your rehabilitation time. We lay heavy emphasis on correcting movement, as movement is the basis for function. Structure follows function. Therefore, how you sit, maintain a certain posture or how you walk will over time impact your body. A slight deviation from the normal has the potential to lead to chronic pain. On the flip side, correct movement has the ability to impact every system positively including cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and nervous system. Being cognizant of this, we strive to pay attention to every detail that is impacting your life. So, if you are an athlete with muscle injury, a senior citizen having issues with balance or just having issues with pain that is preventing you from doing what you love, stop in to see us. We will provide you with the care that you truly deserve.

Victor is our physical therapist in Indianapolis

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Make the right choice. Take the leap of faith! See you soon.

Victor Physical Therapy

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