Geriatric Physical Therapy, Indianapolis

We will help make your golden years safe and enjoyable.

What is geriatric physical therapy?

Geriatric physical therapy is a specialty of physical therapy that specifically helps evaluate, diagnose and treat the elderly population that are sixty five years and over impacted by strength and mobility issues by improving their strength, cardiovascular endurance, functional mobility and balance to help them maintain their independence through movement.

Why choose elderly rehabilitation services?

One of the most striking features of old age is variance. While one person who is seventy years old can jog, another person of the same age might experience significant difficulty even to walk safely around in his/her home. Therefore choosing the right geriatric physical therapy program that will suit your/your loved one’s need which can be unique and challenging is warranted.

With the rise in the ‘baby boomers’ population, increased falls-both fatal and non-fatal, and various medical co-morbidities your quality of life can be compromised along with increased burden of care and health administration.

When to seek geriatric rehabilitation services?

The primary problems the elderly face are decreased strength and mobility. The secondary problems such as decreased vision and hearing can exaggerate the primary problems. Added to these are other medical co-morbidities such as heart problems, difficulty breathing, arthritis and diabetes to name a few.

If you experience generalized weakness from lack of activity or a disease process such as pneumonia, difficulty with walking and functional mobility, fear of falling or have undergone hip or knee joint replacement it may be the right time to seek physical therapy treatment to promote healthy aging.

How to choose the right geriatric physical therapist?

A geriatric physical therapist is someone who is specialized in geriatric physical therapy with additional training that is highly trained and well experienced. Usually they would hold titles such as GCS or FAAOMPT, which is certified geriatric clinical specialist after completing a residency program and a challenging exam through the physical therapy board or a fellowship program.

Benefits of geriatric physical therapy

  • Better balance and decreased fall risks
  • Improved psycho-social health
  • Improved functional mobility and activity tolerance.
  • Better walking pattern
  • Enhanced quality of life
At Victor Physical Therapy our geriatric physical therapy services are designed to enhance the quality of life for seniors. Our elderly rehabilitation services Include: balance assessment & fall prevention, arthritis management, improving strength, mobility & independence for our seniors and senior In-home care services.