Physical Therapist Indianapolis

• Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Dr.MGR Medical University, India.
• Master of Physical Therapy. Loma Linda University, CA
• Master of Science-OMPT. Daemen College, NY
• Doctor of Physical Therapy, University of Indianapolis, IN
• Fellow status through the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists
Victor Gnanapragasam, PT,DPT,FAAOMPT

Sports physical therapy-helping mid back flexibility

Our Mission

Recover function, optimize movement and enhance performance

Our Pillars of Practice

  • Evidence-based practice
  • Clinician expertise
  • Patient belief system

What does your physical therapist do?

First things first. As a physical therapist I want to ensure that you feel at home when you walk in through my doors. Your trust is important for the success of the physical therapy program tailored to your needs. Eventually I would like to maintain a good therapeutic alliance to ensure future service, if need be. Here is the typical approach:

  1. Listen to you carefully to find out what exactly is impacting your present condition.
  2. Provide comprehensive assessment using a biopsychosocial approach- physical, psychological and social/vocational components.
  3. Arrive at a hypothetical diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan based on the physician’s recommendation, if any.
  4. Provide treatment in a safe and effective manner utilizing hands-on approach/manual therapy, exercises and movement re-education. I may use E-stim and therapeutic ultrasound as an adjunct to facilitate the healing process.
  5. Communicate with your physician about the present progress and any changes in your condition.
  6. Ultimately the goal is to optimize movement, recover function and enhance performance to help you return safely to what you like doing.

“I have been struggling with plantar fasciitis which can be quite painful and very annoying. After several steroid injections over a 2-year timeframe and using custom orthotics which didn’t help, I decided to try physical therapy again, even though early on in my treatment I went to a well known, large physical therapy practice and found that my treatment sessions were not beneficial to me. Running out of options and wanting to avoid surgery I was motivated to try physical therapy again but this time I searched for a small practice. Wow, I am so glad I found Victor Physical Therapy! Dr. Victor G. worked exclusively one-on-one with me, did multiple assessments, measurements, observations of me walking, and determined I had an imbalance in hip muscles and it was affecting how I walked, etc. After 4 weeks of prescribed exercises, strategies to strengthen specific muscles, focus on changing a few things when I walk and some intense work on muscles my PF is so much better!! I have never had such a positive experience with physical therapy until finding this physical therapist who is extremely thorough and knowledgeable. In my experience, the larger PT practices I have used pass you from one person to another and have you do canned exercises without really taking a look at what the root cause might be. So glad I found Victor Physical Therapy and I highly recommend him!”

Melony B

Victor Physical Therapy

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