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Finding the right physical therapist in Indianapolis, IN

When it comes to your wellness and fitness you need the right physical therapist/physiotherapist to guide you through.

Victor is an experienced physical therapist that holds a Bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy, Doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Indianapolis and Fellowship in orthopedic manual and manipulative therapy. He is also a member of American Physical Therapy Association and the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists. He holds a physical therapist state licensure in the state of Indiana.


Throughout his many years as a clinician, he has worked in multiple settings making him versatile in different specialties. From inpatient acute care to chronic long-term care, from outpatient physical therapy to home health, he has treated a variety of patients.


As an orthopedic physical therapist, I enjoy treating low-back, neck, shoulder and hand, as well as other common musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries. I combine manual therapy and exercise as a treatment approach to facilitate range of motion, strength and conditioning and use modalities such as electrical stimulation and ultrasound for pain management.


As your sports physical therapist, I can help with injury prevention, provide sports medicine rehab for sports related injuries and facilitate return to sport. Using the principles or biomechanics and kinesiology in the assessment and treatment, the goal is to enhance sports performance.


If you are experiencing incontinence or pelvic pain and your doctor recommended seeing a pelvic floor physical therapist, I can assist you with strengthening your pelvic floor muscles.


We can help the geriatric elderly folks having issues with gait, balance, fear of falling or requiring post-surgical joint replacement rehabilitation.


We provide occupational rehab to help worker’s compensation patients that sustained work-related injuries. We emphasize on injury prevention as well as provide excellent care to enable quick return to work.


If you are experiencing vertigo or dizziness and seeking vestibular therapy, we can provide the right treatment to help you perform your activities of daily living better.


Neurological conditions can be debilitating and lead to increased burden of care on the family. If your loved one has had a stroke or Parkinson’s and need help with regaining movement or balance, choose me to be your physical therapist.


If you are looking for one-on-one, individualized and compassionate care, make Victor Physical Therapy the choice of your physical therapy clinic. You will be happy you did!

Our Mission

Our mission at Victor Physical Therapy is to help our Indy residents with pain or movement impairment to recover function, optimize movement and enhance performance to nurture wellness and fitness.

Our Vision

At Victor Physical Therapy, we will provide high quality care that is based on evidence, clinician expertise and patient belief system, and treat them with dignity and compassion.

Physical Therapist or Physiotherapist ?

A physical therapist is the same as a physiotherapist. Most countries that have the British influence on education call physical therapy as physiotherapy and a physical therapist as a physiotherapist, just as soccer is being referred to as football.

A physical therapist is an allied healthcare worker that helps in the habilitation and rehabilitation of people with pain, injury or illness. The educational requirements perhaps vary from country to country. Here in the United States, in the earlier years, the initial entry-level physical therapy program led to a Bachelor’s degree, which then changed to a Master’s degree. In the last few years, this has become a four-year study that entails pre-requisites and is followed by a three-year physical therapy specific entry-level doctoral program. This culminates to earning a designate title as a doctor of physical therapy. This should however not be confused with a medical doctor who can diagnose and prescribe medicine. Following the completion of the entry-level doctoral program, a physical therapist may prefer to specialize in what he/she chooses to through various residency or fellowship programs. The various fields of specializations are: Orthopedics, Sports, Cardiopulmonary, Geriatrics, Electrophysiology, Neurology, Pediatrics, Oncology, Pelvic/Women’s health and Wound care management. Depending on the therapist’s interest, a physical therapist can choose to work in a hospital, outpatient clinic, rehabilitation center, acute care setting, home health, sports team or may be choose to teach in an academic setting or do research.

What does your physical therapist do?

First things first. As a physical therapist I want to ensure that you feel at home when you walk in through my doors. Your trust is important for the success of the physical therapy program tailored to your needs. Eventually I would like to maintain a good therapeutic alliance to ensure future service, if need be. Here is the typical approach:

  1. Listen to you carefully to find out what exactly is impacting your present condition.
  2. Provide comprehensive assessment using a biopsychosocial approach- physical, psychological and social/vocational components.
  3. Arrive at a hypothetical diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan based on the physician’s recommendation, if any.
  4. Provide treatment in a safe and effective manner utilizing hands-on approach/manual therapy, exercises and movement re-education. I may use E-stim and therapeutic ultrasound as an adjunct to facilitate the healing process.
  5. Communicate with your physician about the present progress and any changes in your condition.
  6. Ultimately the goal is to optimize movement, recover function and enhance performance to help you return safely to what you like doing.

“My daughter had bad back pain when she hurt herself at work. She got good care and is doing well now and is able to return back to work. My daughter and I are so thankful to Victor for doing a wonderful job!”

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