Low Back Pain Physical Therapy

Low Back Pain

Most of us as adults must have experienced low back pain at some point in time in our lives. It happens to be the most common cause for missed work, primary doctor’s visit as well as burden of increased expenditure in managing pain and disability. While most cases resolve eventually, the rest would possibly be seeking medical help.

Conditions Commonly Seen

Muscular & ligamentous strain from repetitive activities or a sudden quick turn

Spondylolysis common in sports involving repetitive backward bending

Disc disease leading to herniation


Spinal stenosis




Pain than can be localized or radiating into the legs as in sciatica.

Decreased range of motion

Difficulty with sitting/standing/walking



Strength and conditioning of trunk and lower extremity muscles

Postural correction

Therapeutic Modalities like ultrasound and electrical stimulation for pain relief

Movement re-education

Joint/soft tissue mobilization to promote functional mobility

What does your physical therapist do?

First things first. As a physical therapist I want to ensure that you feel at home when you walk in through my doors. Your trust is important for the success of the physical therapy program tailored to your needs. Eventually I would like to maintain a good therapeutic alliance to ensure future service, if need be. Here is the typical approach:

  1. Listen to you carefully to find out what exactly is impacting your present condition.
  2. Provide comprehensive assessment using a biopsychosocial approach- physical, psychological and social/vocational components.
  3. Arrive at a hypothetical diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan based on the physician’s recommendation, if any.
  4. Provide treatment in a safe and effective manner utilizing hands-on approach/manual therapy, exercises and movement re-education. I may use E-stim and therapeutic ultrasound as an adjunct to facilitate the healing process.
  5. Communicate with your physician about the present progress and any changes in your condition.
  6. Ultimately the goal is to optimize movement, recover function and enhance performance to help you return safely to what you like doing.

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