Ankle & Foot Physical Therapy

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Ankle and Foot Pain

The human foot is considered to be an engineering feat enabling man to enjoy the bipedal stance. Consisting of twenty- six bones and more than eighty muscles and ligaments, the feet is capable of transmitting the body’s weight to the ground as a rigid structure as well as absorb ground reaction forces and adapt to uneven surfaces as a mobile unit during standing and walking.


Poor footwear

Misstep during walking,

Sporting activities

Poor posture and faulty weight bearing of the feet during walking, standing or running


Achilles tendonitis

Heel pain/heel spur

Plantar fasciitis

Tibialis posterior tendon dysfunction

Common peroneal nerve and tibial nerve involvement

Morton’s neuroma


Improving walking/gait pattern

Correcting posture and promoting proper body mechanics for improved weight bearing

Modification of footwear

Strength and conditioning of the trunk and intrinsic foot muscles

Soft tissue & joint mobilization

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